Skoda is one of the world’s oldest car manufacturers. It has always been known for the legendary vehicles it manufactures and its stability. This originally Czech company has been bought by Volkswagen is currently owned by the Volkswagen group. The founders of the company, Klement and Laurin started their job as bicycle manufacturers. This bicycle production started in 1895 and followed by motorcycle production in 1904. The company started producing cars in 1910. Today, they are still developing new cars and continuing their success. After the partnership with Volkswagen in 1991, they increased capacity of the Mlada Boleslav factory that was in Czech Republic and reinforced in terms of technical equipment. Thanks to this improvement Skoda is able to produce almost half of their cars in this factory. This company that has been producing cars for more than 120 years has been renewing most of their vehicles and selling their 2nd even 3rd generations. With most of them being in produced in Mlada Boleslav, Skoda has produced 12 million vehicles so far.

Skoda’s First Model

Klement and Laurin started their company by saying ‘Only the best can be enough for our customers.’ and produced cars that were way ahead of their era in terms of technology. With the system they established Skoda is still the producer of the vehicles that people of the world want to own. Laurin and Klement’s first automobile was Voiturette A.

Skoda Models

Fabia: This vehicle with 999 cc cubic capacity had 55 horsepower. The maximum speed of this vehicle is 172 km/h and can reach 100 km/h from 0km/h in 14.7 seconds. The vehicle has hatchback type frame. This vehicle passed the safety tests very successfully. This is one of the Skoda Models that can be chosen by someone who wants to make a smart pick for a car.

Rapid: This vehicle that has a simple design is equipped with all sorts of technical equipment. The vehicle has a maximum torque of 160 nm and a cupic capacity of 999 cc. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in 11 seconds and has a maxiumum speed of 187 km/h. This vehicle also uses a hatchback type frame.

Rapid Spaceback: This vehicle’s safety precautions are more than others  Skoda models. The vehicle uses a hatchback type frame. Also has 160 nm torque, 999 cc cubic capacity and 95 horsepower.

Octavia: This vehicle has combi type frame. The vehicle has a maximum torque of 160 nm, a maximum output of 86 horsepower and a cubic capacity of 1197 cc. Presently, 3rd generation of Octavias are liked for their comfort and wideness.

Superb: One of the leading Skoda models that promise an easy, comfortable and pleasurable driving experience. The vehicle has a cubic capacity of 1395 cc, maximum horsepower of 125, and maximum torque of 200 nm. 3rd generations of this vehicle are being manufactured in both combi and hatchback type frame.

Karoq: One of the newest vehicles of Skoda. It is being produced with SUV type frame, it is a big and wide vehicle. You can feel yourself isolated and safe while traveling with your family. The vehicle has an output of 150 horsepower, maximum torque of 200 nm and a cupic capacity of 999 cc.

Kodiaq: An SUV type frame using new Skoda models. The vehicle has a cubic capacity of 1395 cc. The vehicle also has an engine power of 125 horsepower and a maximum torque of 200 nm. With its advanced safety precautions it is a vehicle which you can drive in the city with a peace of mind.

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