One of the brands that come into someone find when they are talking about German cars are Opel models besides the luxurious cars.It is useful and trustworthy. This brand was found on Rüsselheim Germany in 21st of January 1862. The founder of the company is Adam Opel. The brand was sold to PSA Peugeut Citroen.

The First Car Built By Opel

Opel, one of the German car brands is known to be a brand that produces its own cars. The first Opel model that was built by the company entered the market in 1924 under the name of Laubsfroch. It had 2 seats. The green car used to be sold for 4.500 Marks at the time.

Opel Models

The number of Opel models is increasing with the progressing technology and are renewing themselves every year.


Astra is the most famous Opel model. The production started in 1992. The company ended the production of the vehicle in 1998, that had the name 1.4 Si. This vehicle had a hatchback frame 82 horsepower. The latest version of the Opel model, Astra that has the name 1.6 Ecotec is in production since 2015. The vehicle with combi type frame had 200 horsepower.


Corsa serie, that has its name mentioned amongst Opel models with its frame type and usefulness, entered production in 1982 with the name 1.0. In 1983 its production was discontinued. This vehicle with hatchback frame is in category A with 1.2, 1.2S, 1.3S series. The most powerful engine amongst these has 70 horsepower. The latest model is being sold with the name 1.4 Turbo  Ecotec. This vehicle with the hatchback type frame is being produced since 2014 and has 140 horsepower.

Crossland X:

Crossland X is one of the newer models. The vehicle is being produced since 2017. The vehicle entered the production in 2017 with the name 1.2 with and has an output of 81 horsepower. The vehicle has an SUV type frame. The latest name of the vehicle is 1.6 Ecotec and offers 99 horsepower.

Grandland X:

This serie is also being produced since 2017. The vehicle first entered the market under the name of 1.2 Turbo and uses an SUV type frame. The latest model of this serie has an output of 177 horsepower and uses a 2.0 automatic transmission.


Insignia amongst Opel models is being produced since 2008. The vehicle has sedan, hatchback and combi types of frames.

Mokka X:

This serie is being produced since 2012. This serie offers Enjoy, Excellence, Black Edition packages. This serie also offers automatic and manual transmission options. Also this serie usually uses SUV type frame.


This serie that was in production from 2001 to 2006 used Minivan type frame and the first vehicle of this offered 82 horsepower.


This serie from Opel models uses entirely hatchback frames and it started production in 2012. Its latest model entered production in 2015, offers 150 horsepower and uses the name S 1.4 Turbo Ecoflex and is still in production.


This comfortable vehicle of Opel that was a sport looking entered the production in 2013. Vehicle has 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0 engines. The vehicle has both gasoline and turbo options.

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