When we look at the vehicle market we can see that Mercedes-Benz is one of the best amongst German car brands. The company is has a partnership with Daimler Benz AG, they own 36% of Mercedes.

First Car That Was Built By Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz , a German car brand built its first vehicle between 1800 and 1900. The first vehicle was bought by the Sultan of Morocco, Moulay Hassan. When we look at the vehicle’s specifications we can see that it has 2 cylinders, has an output of 2 horsepower. The engine has an rpm of 700 and a top speed of 14 m/s.

Models of Mercedes-Benz

Models of Mercedes-Benz have compact, sedan, estate, coupe, SUV, cabriolet and AMG models.

A Serie: Contains A class W176 facelift, W176, W169, W169 facelift, W168 models. They entered production in 2002 with W168 being the first one to be produced. The latest model is in production since 2015. Vehicles are usually built with hatchback type frame. The latest A serie model offers an output of 381 horsepower.

B Serie:

B serie from the Mercedes-Benz models entered production in 2005 with W245 model. The vehicle that has 193 horsepower was built until 2008 and had combi type frame. The latest model of this serie is W246 faceliftmode and entered production in 2014 with hatchback frame.

CLA Serie:

Cla serie from Mercedes models started production in 2013. First vehicle with the name C117 had a coupe frame. As for latest model, X117 is in production since 2016 with its combi type frame.

C Serie:

If we continue Mercedes models with C serie, we can see that this is one of the oldest series. Fist vehicle of this serie entered production in 1994 and had 122 horsepower with a sedan frame. The latest one is the cabriolet framed 510 horsepowered model that is being produced since 2016.

E Serie:

The beginning of this serie goes back to 1993. It was combi frame. The latest version of it has the name T mod S238, offers 333 horsepower and will enter the production in 2018.

S Serie:

The latest vehicle of S serie entered production in 2017, offers different frames such as cabriolet and coupe and has an output of 469 horsepower.

SL Serie:

The most popular Mercedes-Benz models in terms of sports is the SL serie. This serie kicked off in 2012. The latest version is SL R231 facelift and is in production since 2016.

SLC Serie:

SLC series entered production in 2016. This new serie offers coupe and cabriolet frames and the latest model offers 367 horsepower.

G Serie:

G serie from Mercedes models entered production in 2006. This vehicle that entered the production with offroad type frame also offers SUV and cabriolet type frames. The latest vehicle entered production in 2015 with its 630 horsepower and is still in production.

GLC Serie:

Mercedes’ GLC serie entered the market with X253 and is being produced since 2016. The latest model of GLC serie entered the market under the name 43 with G tronic traction system and is built with a coupe type frame and offers 367 horsepower.

GLE Serie:

GLE serie is being produced since 2015. This new serie usually offers SUV type frames. The latest model is being produced since the beginning of 2018.

GLA Serie:

GLA serie is one of the most important series of Mercedes. It is in production since 2014 and the models of this series that have an SUV type frame have a minimum of 109 and a maximum of 381 horsepower.

AMG Serie:

AMG serie first entered the market in 2015 with C190 model and was kept in production until 2017. This model of Mercedes later started production of AMG GT Roadster serie in 2017 and is still being produced.

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