When we analyze BMW, one of the German car brands, we can see that it was founded in 7th of March 1916 in Münich. BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke AG.

BMW’s First Car

BMW first started with engine production. This company’s, which is an important one amongst German car brands, first production was a plane. This plane was built in 1919 and could go up to 32 thousand feet.

Models of BMW

BMW models start with 1 and 2 series and are taking a solid place amongst German car brands with their progress in technology.

1 Serie:

This BMW model’s production started in 2005 as a hatchback frame with 265 horsepower. The production of this vehicle is still continuing with the serie M410i that is equipped with Xdrive Streptronic traction system since 2016.  This serie offers 340 horsepower.

2 Serie:

2 serie is the first serie of BMW models that have a Couple type frame. The first production of this serie was started in 2014 with Coupe frame and had an output of 143 horsepower. The latest model of the vehicle, 220i, has entered production in 2018 and offers 192 horsepower with its Minivan type frame.

3 Serie:

3 serie from BMW models offers sedan, plug in hybrid, touring and gran turismo models. The vehicle first entered production in 1981 with its sedan model that had 75 horsepower. The latest model of the vehicle had entered production in 2016 under the name of X driveStreptronic and with grandtourer type frame. This model also has 326 horsepower.

4 Serie:

This BMW model first kicked off in 2015. The vehicle is produced with Coupe type frame and had 150 horsepower. The latest model of this serie is again built with a Coupe type frame and is in production since 2017.

5 Serie:

The first vehicle of this serie entered the market with the name 518 in 1974 and the last time it was produced was in 1975. Vehicle used sedan frame and had 90 horsepower. The vehicle is being produced under the name of M550d since 2017. This latest model has 400 horsepower.

6 Serie:

While we are coming towards the latest BMW models, the first vehicle of 6 serie was produced in 1979 as a 4 door Coupe framed car which had 184 horsepower. As the power of engines of vehicles is increasing with technology, the latest model of this serie is 640i with 340 horsepower and is built with grandtourer type frame. This model is in production since 2017.

7 Serie:

This serie offers 2 different type of frames, sedan and plug in hybrid. First vehicle of this serie under E23 was called 728, had a sedan frame and had an output of 170 horsepower and was built in 1977. The latest model of this serie is under G11 and is called as 750i, being produced since 2015. This model with sedan type frame offers 450 horsepower.

X Serie:

X series come after numbered series and offer different types of equipment varying from X1 model to X6 model. X1 was one first produced under the name 18d with 143 horsepower with crossover type frame. It entered production in 2010 and offers different types of packages and frames till X6. If we inspect what comes after X6 serie amongst BMW models we can see that they have offroad frame and entered production in 2008. It is under the production with its last name 4.4 V8 since 2014, has an output of 575 horsepower. This SUV framed vehicle is still in production.

M Serie:

Finally, the M serie has different models from M to M6. This serie that reaches up to 500+ horsepower offers coupe, sedan, cabrio, grancoupe, SUV frame types. They give increasing comfort and safety with their progressing technology in each model.

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    If I purchase car which is brand BMW, I prefer to X series. It is more confortable and powerful. I suggest this model for those concerned.

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    Can you update the BMW new models please ? Im fan of the german car brands also BMW is my love <3

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