German Car Brands Names – List Models and Logos

Everything you want to know about German Car Brands is here!In our web sitewe are analyzing German cars which are giants in their sector. You can find an extensive archive in our website that contains many unknown information and models regarding the German Car Brands. While sharing the list of German cars with you, we are also sharing the companies’ success stories throughout the history. You will also find our analyzes regarding how their names and logos were formed. Moreover, in the website about German car brand names you can easily access to any brand you want.

The List Of German Cars

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • BMW
  • Audi
  • Volkswagen
  • Porsche
  • Opel
  • Smart
  • Skoda
  • Seat

German Car Brands’ Logos

There are exciting stories about German car brands’ logos and their meanings in our platform. We picked these stories regarding to success stories of popular German car brands for you from many of the myths by analyzing them. We are also giving important information about their driving pleasure in our car analyzes.

Most Popular German Car Brands


With its car options that suit people from every income level, Mercedes holds an important place among German car brands. The first vehicle that was produced by Mercedes-Benz entered the market between 1890 and 1900. This brand’s first vehicle as a German brand was bought by the Sultan of Morocco,Moulay Hassan. After its initial production and sales, the company entered mass production in 1926. Mercedes’ establishment story goes back to the partnership of Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler. With the partnership of 2 engineers, the first vehicle of the company in the upcoming years is known as Motowagen.


The company was established in 1909 in the city of Zwickau which is a part of the province Saxonia. The person who formed Audi in the previous years with his work was August Horch. As a part of the Volkswagen Group, the company, with its many production options is one of the German car brands. By doing a first among both German car brands and every other brand in the world, they started selling the first full aluminium vehicle in 1997.


BMW, that was found and is still producing in Germany was found in 1916 by its founder Franz Josef Popp. They are producing cars, bicycles and motorcycles. Currently, with more than one partnership the company continues their progress. The company was first found as an aircraft producer, however later became famous for the cars they produce. The first car the company built had only 15 horsepower. One of brands that pop into someone’s mind when talking about fast cars, BMW produces the fastest cars among other German car brands.


Porsche, that was found by Ferdinand Porsche, releases their vehicles into the world market as a German brand. The company was found in 1949 and after its founder’s death in 1951, Porsche was taken over by the founder’s sons. After the negotiations with Volkswagen, the company is currently a part of the Volkswagen group. Porsche won 43 of the 53 races he participated with the cars he built. Before founding his company, Porsche designed his first car in the previous companies he worked as which had 30 horsepower.

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